McManigal-McMonagle DNA Project

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Genetic Genealogy for the McManigal-McMonagle Surname
Genetic Genealogy for the McManigal-McMonagle Surname
Project Test Results

Below is a table showing the Y-DNA test results for members of the McManigal-McMonagle DNA Project.  The table is organized into major lineage groups with known McManigal-McMonagle patriachs or with known geographic origins. These lineage groups are numbered using roman numerals which are shown in the first column of the header line for each lineage group in the table.  The McManigal-McMonagle patriarch for each lineage group is shown in the Lineage column of the header line.  For the purposes of this project, a patriarch is usually an immigrant or other recognized head of a McManigal-McMonagle ancestral line.  However, sometimes a patriarch for a lineage group is not known yet or the lineage can only be narrowed down to a particular geographic region.  In these cases, the patriarch will be identified as a McManigal-McMonagle family from a general time period and geographical area.  The known ancestry and DNA results of some members may make it hard to place them in any lineage group.  These members will be classified as Ungrouped until more can be found out about their ancestry or until they match closely enough with someone from a known McManigal-McMonagle lineage.

A major goal of this project is to use DNA testing to develop Y-DNA marker profiles for each of the various McManigal-McMonagle lineages from around the world and to connect each member through their test results to one of these lineages.  As more members join the project and more test results are gathered, new lineages will be added and existing lineages may merge.  McManigal-McMonagle lines that were previously considered unrelated may be discovered to be closely related—and vice versa.  McManigal-McMonagle families that have hitherto been unable to connect with any other known McManigal-McMonagle line, may be able to do so with DNA testing or perhaps even establish a new McManigal-McMonagle lineage to be investigated.  When enough haplotypes—a haplotype is simply the entire set of test results for a particular person—for a particular lineage are collected, the modal haplotype for that lineage can be determined and will appear on the lineage header line in the table.  This modal haplotype is the likely haplotype of the patriarch of the lineage.  Specific branches of a lineage may show small differences from the lineage's modal haplotype and thus establish a unique profile for that branch which will be noted in the results table.

In the results table below, each project member's assigned ID is in the first column.  In the Lineage Founder and Descendancy column is the name of each linegage's earliest known ancestor (if known) and descendancy info for each member from that ancestor.  The estimated (or Y-SNP determined) haplogroup of the member is in the next column followed by all of the member's marker results (see below for marker color codings).  If a marker field contains a p, it means that testing has been ordered for that marker and results are pending.  After all the marker results, the Member ID and Earliest Known Ancestor and Descendancy columns are repeated followed by the general migration pattern for the member's line.  Next, the Haplogroup column is repeated and then there is a column showing any Y-SNP results for the member that verify the haplogroup assignment.  This is followed by the company that performed the testing and the kit number or other identifier for the test.  Next are the IDs and links to any online databases where the member's results are also posted.  Finally, the contact information, if available, for the member is listed.

Marker Column Heading Text Color Coding by Mutation Rate

Rate TypeHeader Text ColorApproximate Mutation Rate
FastRedgreater than 0.5%  (or classified as fast by FTDNA)
MediumGreenbetween 0.2% and 0.5%
SlowBlackbetween 0.05% and 0.2%
Very SlowGrayless than 0.05%

Marker Value Text Color Coding by Allele Frequency within Haplogroup R1a

Frequency TypeValue Text ColorApproximate Frequency
RareRedfrom 0% to 2%
InfrequentDark Redfrom 3% to 8%
UncommonPurplefrom 9% to 14%
Under 20%Bluefrom 15% to 20%
Over 20%Black20+%

Marker Cell Shade Color Coding by Mutation Steps from Lineage Modal (in Yellow rows)

McManigal-McMonagle Test Results
(All Marker Allele Values Are Normalized To FTDNA/Ysearch Standards)
 Y-DNA Marker DYS# or Other Marker ID →393390394
- I
- II
or CDY
DYF408DYF411← Y-DNA Marker DYS# or Other Marker IDHaplogroup AssignmentTesting InfoDatabase IDsContact Info
Lineage IDLineage Founder / Descendancy InfoHaplogroupabababcdababababcdababcdababcdabcabcdabLineage IDLineage Founder / Descendancy InfoMigrationHaplogroupY-SNP ResultsCompanyTest IDYsearchYbaseNameEmail Address
Member IDabMember ID
Lineage IMcManigal-McMonagle (IRE & SCOT)R1b-M22213251411913121212131429179111111251518301515161711111922171618173939121212111323101412121330241191516810108101010c12t13c14c21231610121216825201211131111121235159161224261912111212119131210111021151813241713152412191014179113131313210111114141620t26c26.1t15171881888141111Lineage IMcManigal-McMonagle (IRE & SCOT)IRE R1b-M222
Common Ancestor UnknownCommon Ancestor Unknown 
M001John McManigell (c1823 IRE)>Thomas(1864)>Fern(1891)R1b-M222132514119b13a1212121314291791111112515183015c15g16c17c11111922171618173738121212111323101412121330241191516811108101010c12t13c14c21231610121216825201211131111121236139161224261912111212119131210111020151913241713152412191014179113131313210111114141620t26c26.1t15171881888141111M001John McManigell (c1823 IRE)>Thomas(1864)>Fern(1891)IRE > NY > IL > CO R1b-M222DNA-F; FTDNA6171.70; 85077Q74M4Michael L. Hé
M005Manus McMonagle (c1800 Lettermacaward, Co. Donegal, IRE)R1b-M22213251411913121212131429179111111251518301515161711111922181618173939121212131191516810108101012212316101212168252012111311111212M005Manus McMonagle (c1800 Lettermacaward, Co. Donegal, IRE)IRE R1b-M222FTDNA134514G9BSCGerard
M003Daniel McMonegal (1840 IRE)R1b-M22213251411913121212141430179111111251518301515161711111922171718173939121212131191516810108101012232316101212168252012111311111212M003Daniel McMonegal (1840 IRE)IRE > PA R1b-M222M222+FTDNA80840Mary Louise
M009McMonegal (IRE)R1b-M22213251411913121212141430179111111251518301515161711111922171718173940121212131191516810108101012232316101212168252012111311111212M009McMonegal (IRE)IRE R1b-M222FTDNA268981Mary Louise
M008McMonigle (SCOT)R1b-M222132514119131212121314291791111112515183015151617111119221717181739391212121113231014121213302411915168101081010122123161012121682520121113111112123615916122426191211121211913121011102115181324171315241219101417911M008McMonigle (SCOT)SCOT R1b-M222FTDNA231838Jim
M004Daniel McMoneagle (c1855 SCOT)>Henry(1892 PA)R1b-M222132514119131212131314291791111112515183015151617111119221717181739391212121113231014121213302411915168101081010122323161012121682520121113111112123515916122426191211121211913121011102115181324171315241219101417911M004Daniel McMoneagle (c1855 SCOT)>Henry(1892 PA)SCOT > PA R1b-M222L21+,M222+FTDNA123930MV8SJ
M007John McMonagle (1817 Milford, Co. Donegal, IRE)>Cormac(1852)R1b-M22213251411913121212131429179111111251518301515161711111922171718173939121212131191516810108101012232316101212168242012111311111212M007John McMonagle (1817 Milford, Co. Donegal, IRE)>Cormac(1852)IRE > PA R1b-M222FTDNAN76876ACVKBFrank
Other Close MatchesOther Close Matches 
M006Edward McGonigal (c1843)>Paul(1870)R1b-M222132514119b13a1212121314291891111112515183015c15g17c17c11111922171618173939121213111323101411121330241191516810108101010c12t13c14c21231610121216825191211131111121237.2159161224261912111212119131210111019151913241713152412191014179113131313210111114141521t26c26.1t16171881888141111M006Edward McGonigal (c1843)>Paul(1870)TN > MO > AR R1b-M222L21+,M222+FTDNA425925635JJohn
-Thomas Dewey (c1648 Essex, ENG)132414119131212121314291791111112515183015151618111119221717181739391212-Thomas Dewey (c1648 Essex, ENG)ENG > NY FTDNAMB6Z6
HaplogroupR1b1c7 (R1b1b2e) Project Modal (16-marker)R1b-M22225131418301516161717162123162524HaplogroupR1b1c7 (R1b1b2e) Project Modal (16-marker) R1b-M222
HaplogroupR1b1b2e NW Irish Modal (17-marker)R1b-M222132514111212131429151112121112911HaplogroupR1b1b2e NW Irish Modal (17-marker) R1b-M222FAW2E
HaplogroupR1b1b2e NW Irish Modal (76-marker)R1b-M222132514111113121212131429179101111251518301516161711111923171618173839121212111323101312121330241191516810108101012212316101212168252012111311111212HaplogroupR1b1b2e NW Irish Modal (76-marker) R1b-M222M5UKQ
Lineage IIAmbrosius Mannigel (c1724 GER 1806 GER)Lineage IIAmbrosius Mannigel (c1724 GER 1806 GER)GER 
M002Frederich Wilhelm Mannigel (1853 GER 1925 WI)R1b1b2132414111111121212131329169911112515192815c15c18c18g11111923161518173738121212131191516810108101012232316101212148222012111311111212M002Frederich Wilhelm Mannigel (1853 GER 1925 WI)GER > WI R1b1b2M343+,P25+,M269+FTDNA7346756YJUKris (Monigal)
Analysis of Test Results

Below are analyses of the test results for each of the lineages represented in the project.  As more members join the project and more haplotype data is obtained for each lineage, more detailed analysis will be possible.  Genealogical information on each lineage and for members of the project can be found on the Ancestral Lines page.

Lineage I:  McManigal-McMonagle (northwest IRE)

There are test results from one line and partial results from another line so far for this lineage.  The results indicate a previously unknown connection between John McManigell, Daniel McMonegal, and the McMoneagles.  They very likely share a common ancestor in the not-too-distant past in northwest Ireland, likely the Donegal area.  Daniel McMonegal is reported to have come from Co. Donegal and John McManigell may have come from Co. Longford, Ireland.  Although the results indicate two differences, at DYS389-I and DYS389-II, this is really only one difference due to the odd way that the DYS389 marker is reported by the labs.  The major haplogroup of R1b indicates a western European origin.  Y-SNP testing has revealed the lineage to M222+ (positive for the M222 SNP and R1b1b2a1b5b by the latest haplotree) which is concentrated in northwest Ireland and Scotland.  The marker values of DYS385=9-13 and DYS459=9-11 are rather rare in the general population and should be helpful in connecting to other McManigell-McManigal lineages.

Lineage II:  Ambrosius Mannigel (c1724 GER 1806 GER)

There is only one test result so far for this lineage so more testing will be needed to determine a modal haplotype.  The estimated haplogroup of R1b indicates a western European origin.  Y-SNP testing of this line is pending and may provide more clues on the geographic origin of this line.

Project Administrator
Michael L. Hébert
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